Corporate Social Responsibility

We are working so much and always making endeavor for better.

Our corporate citizenship understanding is a proactive understanding that focused on efficiency, developed preventive approaches by determining the risks before. Our working principle and perspective to all our sources shape from this focus. In all our projects we aim to evaluate limited sources effectively and prudentially and to produce permanent values in sustainability approach.

Using our sources more efficiently is both the requirement of responsible and prudential management and also our civic responsibility. We consider that being attentive while using all kinds of sources this world offered us is a reflection of the respect that we show for world, environment, humanity, next generations and ourselves.


We are working so much and always making endeavor for better.


To provide the satisfaction of customers and employees, to consider the training of employees, to improve our quality system constantly, to provide mutual trust environment and cooperation with our Suppliers, to be a profitable company by working effectively and efficiently in all processes, to be sensitive to environmental and social values, to provide the conditions of legal and technical legislation.